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Welcome to TOOTEE TV

There are over 110 million Farsi speaking people in the world, including almost 5 million living abroad. Often it’s quite challenging for parents to find high-quality educational resources for their kids to learn this language.

We created TOOTEE TV to provide additional support to parents and teachers; to help them encourage their children to speak, read and write in Farsi wherever they live. We believe that our short and colourful animations for young children and videos for youth will help to get them comfortable with the Persian language.


In our modern world where technology is increasingly popular amongst children, we need to look for a way to dedicate time for them to explore it in ways that are beneficial to their growing minds. Most importantly, our goal is to bring children a profound understanding of the history, culture, art and literature of the Persian language through engaging learning provided on our channel. TOOTEE TV can be found on YouTube, Aparat, Facebook and Twitter.